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After work, I went home and threw some clothes in my backpack and headed up to Solano to see Suzanne. Traffic wasn’t too bad and I made up there after 7pm. Suzanne got me a dragon/tiger shirt that looks like the one that I left in Washington, except this one is black (the one in WA is gold). I love it except that it was a large and not an XL or 2XL. I’m afraid that after I wash it it will shrink and I won’t be able to wear it anymore. Which isn’t too bad, cause it just means that Suzanne will wear it. Anyway, we went to the mall to see if they had a larger size (they didn’t). We also went ot Macy’s to look at the suit outfit that Suzanne was going to get for her interview tomorrow (a nice heather grey outfit). Then we went to Red Robin to get something to eat. At Red Robin, our waitress was Vanessa, who used to work at the Applebee’s in Vacaville and remembered the time that my dad and I had lunch there. Vanessa was just incredible, getting the bartender to make me a Mudslide drink just like they do at Applebee’s. She also took the appitizers off of our bill because it was taking so long (Suzanne and I were talking so we really didn’t notice that they were taking long). Needless to say, Vanessa got a very nice tip and I highly recommend her. After dinner, we went over to Barnes & Nobles to get something to drink and to kill some time before the movies. We were going to watch The Mexican with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, but Edwards Theathers at the mall doesn’t take cards. I would have to goto the ATM to get money. If it wasn’t the fact that the movie was starting any minute, I wouldn’t have mind going to my bank which is right across from the mall. But we decided to skip the movie anyway because we were both tired. So we went back to her place and crashed for the night….
The next day, we kinda lounged around in the morning. I convinced Suzanne to watch cartoons wit hme for awhile. After awhile we decided to take a shower and get ready to go out. While in the shower, the fire alarm went off (from the steam in the shower). That was exciting. I was able to get clean and get some clothes on before the firemen arrived. Suzanne wasn’t so lucky, but I think she handled the situation pretty well wearing only a towel. Still, she was pretty stressed by it. After everything was taken care of with the fire dept and the security people, we headed off to the factory stores in Vacavillefor somemore shopping.
I was kinda wierd shopping at the factory stores. We started on the NIke side and there wasn’t really any stores that had women’s suits. I went into the luggage store; I didn’t buy anything, but I really wan a new set of luggage. The one that I have is stained and old. We also went to Harry & David where we forgot to go back to to pick up the Black/White cheesecake that we wee drooling at. The next time that I’m there i will have to pick up the cheesecake and some malt balls for Suzanne’s mom.
We went over to the other half of the store, but by this time Suzanne was really tired and out of it. I think that the stress of the alarm going off got to her. So we stopped by A&W and I got her a float. I was disapointed with the float cause they use soft serve IC instead of the hard stuff, but suzanne still enjoyed it.
After that I took the long way down Peabody Road to get to Solano Mall in order to give Suzanne a chance to rest. That was what she needed, cause we went to Sears and we must have spent 2 hours at least in that store. Usually I can out shop Suzanne, but in this instance, I was exahusted waiting for her to find the stuff she wanted. She was able to get a blue pinstripe suit there that seemed to fit her better than the one at Macy*s. It was cheaper too, so she was able to get some long sleeve shirts also.
After that we headed back to her place where I was ready to lay down with her and watch the Thomas Crowne Affair on DVD. But then her mom called and invited us to dinner at this Chinese restaurant in Pleasant Hill. After she called Jason called and him and his friend Josh were also invited. So we hopped back in the car and headed to Pleasant Hill. Dinner was pretty good; I ate more than I though that I would.
After dinner, Suzanne and I headed to the movies in Antioch to watch The Mexican. It was a pretty good movie. The guy from The Sopranos is in it and Gene Hackman has a cameo also. The movie seemed kinda long, but that might have been cause I had to pee. But it was a good movie and it also had a kickass soundtrack. I could def. pay retail for that CD. After the movie, we headed over to the bowling alley where we were suppose to hook up with Josh and Jason. But the $12.50 cover charge just to get in made us change our mind. So we left to head back to Vallejo. On the way home, we got into an argument about raves and the reason people go to them. At one point, it almost got ugly. But we got back to her house and stayed in her car for an hour or so talking about stuff. **sigh** we are so opposite when it comes to a lot of things and beliefs and ideas. I know that they say the opposites attract, but sometimes I wonder how the hell did we get together. So after that we went into the hosue andwent to sleep.
I left her house today at around 9 or 10 and headed back home, ONCE AGAIN FORGETTING TO STOP AT KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS. >:-( I swear, I will have to leave a note in the door to remind me not to cross any bridges until I goto KKD. Anyway, still no new roommate in my room. So all of that staying up to put the room back the way it was was wasted. Well, I’m not going to rearrange the room again. I figure when Suzanne spends the night, I can push the beds together to make a large bed for us. I went ot the library for awhile to study, then I came back and cleaned and cooked dinner and napped. I was able to finally copy a CD for Matt. I had been using Easy CD Creator 4, but I ruined 3 blank CD’s. So I used the copier that came with the CDRW; even though it took longer, it got the job done. I also watched the season finale of La Femme Nikita. That show also has a cool soundtrack; I wonder if I can buy it. Anyway, the finale was pretty good, although I thought that the ending was kinda blah.
God, what a blah post….Well, nobody will read it except for me, so I guess I’ll leave it.
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