God, I swear that Peter

God, I swear that Peter is such a fucking pot head sometimes. He is always forgetting paperwork (worse than I do) and he always forgets how to fill out the recieving paper work; even after working here for a year.
**sigh** Amber is off to Washington; I hope things go well with her. Things here will be easy, I’ll just have to figure out things to keep the guys busy. We can’t be goofing off all day long. I’m thinking either have them go and straighten the aisles or maybe clean up the other end of the warehouse where textbooks were doing returns.
Well, I am out of here at 5pm and then I have class at 6pm until 9pm. I want to go up and to see Suzanne and to deposit my emergency loan, but I am already exausted. And I also have to deal with a new roommate moving in. I’ll have to see ow I’m feeling after class.
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