The one on day that the Canadians are celebrating Boxing Day

According to my boss, Boxing Day is when the Canadians go to the store to return Xmas presents that they didn’t like and get new ones. I don’t know if that is true or not, but my boss kept a straight face when she said it.
Anyway, it’s hard for me to return a check for money from my parents. So I think that I’ll keep it. Anyway, today is cleaning day with mom; I’ll probably clean Eric’s room and the bathroom upstairs and we’ll both clean all of downstairs. I know that that sounds boring, but honestly I can’t wait. It a way for me and my mom to talk about things going on and to be closer.
I tried to sent out xmas emails, but I haven’t updated my Yahoo address book yet and actually, I just got so impatient with the slow internet connections on the computers here. I should go and buy a new modem, at least for my dad. But I’m hoping that he gets a new computer soon. Maybe I’ll take a look at Eric’s computer and see what’s wrong with it.
At least all the xmas cards got sent out. I left a message for Mike or Randy to mail out the last cards that I had forgotten to mail. I got gifts for some people to deliver when I get back. And I still don’t have plans for New Years. Looks like it will be just me and that big ass bottle of champagne that Amber got for me.
O.K. The kittens are all in my cereal bowl. Time to kick some kitty butt.
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