Daily Archives: December 31, 2000


Wards is going out of business and they are having a massive sale. I just got a leather coat $160 for $80. I’m about ready to head back out and do some major shopping
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The one where he wakes up from the wierdest dream that he has had yet….

In where he watches his roommate jack off in bed and wonders if the roommate is trying to hit on him. He can’t tell cause there isn’t enough light in the room. So he watches this for 15 min and then he decides to go ahead and start strokin’ himself. That goes on for another 15 min. before he gives up and just watches the roommate stroke for another 15 min. Then he falls asleep. When he wakes up the next morning and asks the roommate if anything happened last night, the roommate replies that he was asleep, so he doesn’t know.
The lesson here is that pizza is a dangerous psycedelic that should not be digested after midnight. I’m sure the shots of tequila didn’t help either. Well, I’m going to finish my slice of pizza and my OJ/tequila and then hit the showers.
I’ll have to post resolutions later today.
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