Daily Archives: December 28, 2000

The one where he finds out that the cats are going away….

Well, it looks like like the parental folks are getting rid of Yawno(Momma Cat) and the kittens. I just thought that the kittens were going to go and they were going to let Yawno stay to have her babies. They are keeping Blackie though; he is so low maintance.
Anyway, I finally went to sleep last night sometime after 5am. yikes! I’m surprised that I’m awake now and I wonder how long I’ll last today. Today I’m suppose to go shopping in Tacoma with Mom/Dad. We’ll also goto to the Korean restaurant for some ja-ja-mein…I think in english it’s call black sauce noodles. It’s good stuff.
O.K. I need to watch Price is Right and then take a shower. I love being home with my family. My Body, mind, and soul are slowly starting to heal…but there are some wounds that I wonder if they wil ever heal.
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ok…done cryin. let’s try this

ok…done cryin. let’s try this sleep thing again…
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The one where he can’t sleep…

cause all he is thinking about is her and how he misses her so much…
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