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The one where he lists the bad things that happened to him this year…

The Bad…..
Well, probably the worse thing to happen to me were the two breakups that I’ve had with Suzanne this year. The first one happened in March and the second one happened just a couple of weeks ago. Both of them were initiated by myself without warning to Suzanne. Maybe I was scared of what was happening to me. Maybe I was too lazy to work on our relationship when the going got tough. Maybe I realized that our relationship wasn’t meant to be. Regardless, I went ahead with the breakup. This being the third time, I have decided that I will never again get back in a relationship with Suzanne.
Another disappointing event this year was the number of times I got to go and visit my family in Washington. Due to lack of funds and scheduling, I missed my chance to see them during the summer. And then, I missed my Thanksgiving flight to see them and was unable to get another flight. Although I had a great Thanksgiving dinner at Suzanne’s, the thanksgiving week was basicly ruinned for me.
I think the biggest disappointment this year has to be the whole living arangments for the fall semester. Since the on-campus apartments were behind schedule, the school put us up in the Park Merced apartments next to the campus. On one way, I lucked out since other people were sent either to the Presidio or to Treasure Island. The bad news was the roommate that I was stucked with.
I had thought that the spring semester was a trying time with Tim and his damn alarm clock. But that was just a warm up to the hell that I would have to suffer with Quetzalcoutal(sp?) Cortez. **sigh** The four months that I have shared a room with Quetzal has been a testement to the patience that I have. From him not cleaning anything in the apartment, to the battle that we had one night between the volume of his TV vs. the volume of my radio, we have had a lenghty fight between us. Within tow weeks, I will be away from Quetzal and this nightmare will end.
The lost of my friends has also affected me negatively. Some like Stephanie LaForge, I lost complete contact with. With other, mostlly those in Solano and Sacramento, I have just slowly lost contact with. I haven’t really talked to Lesa for a long time (Ironicly, her and Jarred are the only ones to visit me here in the city.) Mew is the only one who has really made an effert to keep in touch with me. This has affected me deeply and I wonder in the next year how many friends will I have.
Other terrible events included part of the trip to L.A., the damage done to the Metro during the summer and the cost to fix it, the ongoing drama between the warehouse and the various department of the bookstore, the attacks on me from various people on Livejournal for the reak-ups with Suzanne, the lost of several of my friends from the bay area to other parts of California and the U.S., and the double wammy of seeing The Sixth Day with Arnold and Unbreakable with Bruce Willis. Almost has bad has seeing Titan A.E. on a badly focus screen in mono at a theather.
Ok. This 28k is really sucking. I think that I am going to goto sleep and I wil do the good things tommorow.
P.S. Merry Christmas to everyone and their families in Live Journal land.
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ok. time to goto sleep.

ok. time to goto sleep. AOL sucks esp. on a 28k connecion.
Also I made the mistake of reading responses to entries on serraph’s journal and i think that i need to goto sleep before i start saying stuff that i shouldn’t
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The one after he kicks out the cats from his room…

**sigh** Well, the cat idea to protect my dreams has come and gone. You know the cousins that Donald Duck has, Heuey, Dewey, and Louie. Well, the kittens that my parents cat had are the equivilent. Instead of being steadfast defenders, they are systematily destroying the room that I’m in. Momma cat isn’t helping, since she is pregnamt again (the slut) and is crying for attention. Blackie, the only same cat has wisely retreated into my parents room for some piece and quiet.
Hmmm, well, I found my brother’s CD cases and he has a trance CD in it. Maybe that will help me fall asleep.
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