What, it’s not Friday yet?

Damn, what a long day. Work all day, then had to go do laundry, and then I had to go grocery shopping. After all that, I am once again broke. Yay me.
Still no comment from Mike about the housing situation. Well, this weekend, I am going to start looking then. I saw an ad for a place with no deposit for $600. The main thing right now is that I’ll need a place that my bed can fit into. I am not ready to give up my queen-size bed up just yet.
Mike’s mom is also coming tonight for a 2-3 night stay. Think that I will be working all this weekend. Actually, I probably would since I have neglected the Acct. Room project and I need to get on it. Also need to buckle down and get my site done before my birthday like I wanted too.
God, food taste SO good, esp a big bowl of sugary cereal. Yum!
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