.continued drain

[Listening to: Baby Baby – Amy Grant – Heart in Motion (03:57)]
It has taken me almost an hour to fully wake up from the nap that I took. And I’m not really awake, just coherent enough to type. There was that one spurt where I got the last post in, but that’s it. I think it is the weather that is bringing me down and is sapping my energy (Well, I’ll blame it on the weather.) It has been cloudy and overcast the last couple of days. And I’m sure part of it can be blamed on the slight cold that I caught from various people. Thinking about calling in sick tomorrow because I really don’t want to go through the day faking all the energy that I don’t have. Have been doing it for a week now and it sucks.

Well, I think that I have enough energy stored to goto the kitchen and fix myself some cereal. I actually want oatmeal, but the French Toast Oatmeal that I got isn’t that good. I guess I was expecting more than it delivered. It is def. no French Vanilla Oatmeal.

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