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woke up today feeling sick and achy all over. So I just kinda lounged in bed for most of the day, trying to deny to myself that I had caught something from Antonio or Marco. At 2pm, went over to Sea Bowl for Brock’s birthday party. Watched the kids bowl, talked to Paul and some of the other parents, but left after the unwrapping of the gift. My body was just killing me. It has taken me all day just to type out these posts. I have a couple of pictures, but I don’t have the energy to goto the car and get my camera. Besides, you don’t need to see Antonio picking his nose. Anyway, think that I am going to finish my book and then bust open one of my DVD’s, probably Almost Famous since I haven’t seen it yet.


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Drove out to Solano country for various events. Since I left so late in the day (12-1pm), traffic on 19th Ave./Hwy 1 was already horrendous. So I tried driving up Portola and was going to go around Twin Peaks and meet back up with Hwy 1 somewhere after Golden Gate Park. I know, I’m sick in the head (I am really, more below) but it was a good thing that I
did this because once I got to the top Portola and took a good look at the S.F. skyline, my heart once again belonged to the city. **sigh** I love this city too much to leave it, I think. So I took a little mini tour of the city, going down Market to the Embarcadero, Over to Pier 39, back to North Beach, through Chinatown, over to Geary to japantown and onward to the GG Bridge. It was a good little side trip to see some of the neighborhoods in the city

After that, drove up to Cordellia to try and see if I could find Cezner’s parent’s house. No luck, the area is too developed and it’s been too long since I’ve been there (which was only once, I think), which was a shame because I really wanted to see Cezner and catch up. Cezner and I used to work at the SCC bookstore years ago, btw.

Next, I headed to Travis Credit Union to close my accounts. Ever since they switched from a federal credit union to a regular credit union, their service has gone downhill. The funny thing was the teller that was helping me; I swear he looked like he was Shawn Stone’s brother. Wish I would have taken a picture. And then later that evening, I saw him again with his wife at Strings.

Went to Barry/Gabi’s house to hang out with the married couple and the kids. This was the first time that I had seen Marco, or it was the first time that he was awake when I was around. OMG, this kid does not look anything like his parents. I could so see the hospital calling them and telling them that they have the wrong baby. Still, Marco was looking cute as a button drooling all over the place. He also have the biggest cheeks that I have ever seen. They are going to get mercilessly pinched if they don’t go away.

Antonio was acting a little kooky in his own world, picking his nose and
trying to bury himself under the couch. I gather the boys and dad and we went off to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. Personally, I like Cold Stone over Baskin Robbins, however, their are more choices i.e. different colors for a child to pick what he wants. Antonio settled for Cherries Jubilee; not my personal favorite, however he can tell mom or dad that it has fruit in it, so not a bad choice. Barry got pistachio almond and I decided to have a banana split. However, made the mistake of getting flavors that were too busy, just should have stayed with basics flavors. Too messy and sweet. Oh well. Afterwards, we went back to Barry’s for awhile and tried to come up with a plan to dump the kids, however, we couldn’t find any takers. So we loaded up the kids and went to Strings for dinner, which was O.K., however, I wasn’t too happy with the portions of Pork Tenderloin that I got. 🙁

Went back to Casa de Adams for a bit, and then took my leave to go see April and give her the CD’s that I had for her. Went over and got her to go out for a drink at Starbucks. Oh man, while waiting for her, somewhere in her house is a fountain that was making me want to pee really back.
Torturous I tell you, but once I left the house, everything was O.K. Went to Starbucks where she had her soy latte and I had a Vanilla Creme frappuchino, which I decided tastes like a cold steamed milk. Which is
duh, but it’s still good. April was wearing a Twinklebell shirt that was very hot looking on her. It caught the eye of some of the guys that passed us. So, we talked for awhile and then headed to
Wal-Mart. Click here to read the report on that. Still haven’t watched the DVD’s yet, however they won’t be ignored or forgotten like the Pearl Harbor DVD. Also, my Dad is the king of that $5.88 bin, cause he has a
shelf load of those DVD still unopened. And I’m still jealous that April got the High School Reunion 3-DVD set; that is def. going on my wishlist.

Got into the city around 10pm, could tell by the glow sticks, fairie wings, and glitter which cars were on their way to Cyberfest. **sigh** Brings back memories. I want to go Cyberfest, or to any rave, but I think that I am too old. I know, you are only as old as you think, but I’m still a little self-conscious about it, I think.