Daily Archives: September 23, 2003

.for you

[Listening to: Angel Eyes – Frank Sinatra – The Main Event — Live (08:33)]
You ask for the impossible
You ask me to just give up my love for you
Like I could turn it off with a switch.
Didn’t I get taught that lesson, twice even.
I don’t think that I will ever stop loving you.
And I don’t think that I will even stop being your friend.
I hope you are doing well.
I hope life isn’t being too rough with you.
Maybe you are getting a little lovin.
Or at least a little pie or alot.
I hope you are happy
Wherever you are at.

.work blah

[Listening to: If You Wanna Have Some Fun – Spice Girls – Forever (05:27
Actually, I don’t think that I even want to talk about it….

**sigh** I guess….no, I don’t think that I want to talk about it.

I did get an application for Ross though. OMG, the cleanest Ross that I have been to in a long time. It would be nice to work there; a 5 min walk to work on the weekend and 20% off. I could live with that.

Priceed my “dream computer” out today. Got it to $1200, which is less than the $2000+ if I get it brand name, Still I would like the get the price down a bit more. Since the new AMD chip is
coming out, I think that I will wait for Intel Pentium prices to fall. I am dying to just buy everything and put it together. Still, I need to hold of for a few months.

Some odd reason, I have been thinking about something that Laura (Barbara’s, my roommate, sister) about the wife of someone who was working at the Ren Faire. She had some kind of heart condition (if I remember correctly) and they had to operate on her and she is in a coma. Laura said that she was young. I don’t know, just been thinking about life and everything. I guess between this news and then with John Ritter dying, I just wonder about myself and dying. The depressed side of me questions if I would be missed. However, I know that I have friends and loved ones that would miss me if I died. It’s these ties and bonds that somehow keep me on this plane of
existence; without them I would have left a long time ago. And yet….**sigh** more depressed thoughts that probably don’t need to see the light of day.

What else? Thought about getting the new Dave Matthews album, but will wait until payday next week. And Angie’s B-day is this weekend too. Got to get ready for that.

The web cam is on, for the two of you that want to watch me read. I think that I would be a little more exciting if the camera was streaming. however, the
refresh limit for the software is 10 sec. 😛

Also need to call Dad tomorrow to see how the family on the East Coast is doing. I pray that the damage isn’t too bad.

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