Daily Archives: September 13, 2003

.20 of Joe’s Multiple Personalities Agree….

Softball games are not the place to meet single women

The only women who goes to these games are the wives/girlfriends of the guys playing.

Most of them already have 1-2 kids.

I guess if you are a MILF hunter, it could be a nice hunting ground.

However, I would be worried about the husband and his 9 other teammates if they caught you.
[Listening to: Hold On [BT Mix] – Sarah McLachlan – Remixed (07:44)]

.undecided still

Took a shower and feel all clean.

Still haven’t decided what I am going to do.

Have decided to leave the house though.

Will bring books, CD’s, journal, gym clothes, shorts with me.

Still thinking about finding nude beach.

However, body image in shower

And thoughts of fat, old white guys hitting on me

Have somewhat chilled those ideas.

Will most likely drive around and end up at Fry’s

Being the single geek that I am.

.Saturday indecision

Recovering from an emotional hangover, which is never fun.

Trying to decide on what to do today. Wanted to goto the beach, which I would have to get ready for now, before it got too crowded.

Also thought about going to Santa Cruz, but I probably shouldn’t go on a trip that far. Also I have no one to go with.

Secretly been thinking about going to a nude beach, but that is just me trying to get some attention.

So I can also goto the movies; watch Once Upon A Time In Mexico or Matchstick Men. Guess I could also watch Pirates of the
Caribbean (sure it is still playing somewhere)

Or I can just stay holed up inside my room this weekend. I have tons of books that I checked out from the library that I need to read. Also could clean the room (I know, I am always cleaning my room. It’s just been a bad week room wise). Problem is that I don’t have any food (i.e. milk for cereal) to eat. That could be a problem later.

Well, it’s 10 a.m. right now. Think that I am going to take a shower, because I smell. That should give me time to decide on what to do.