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Cloudy Halloween

I guess it rained/hailed last night or this morning; I was listening to it while huddled in my bed. Driving to work, saw a nice size rainbow in the sky. Rainbows represent hope for the future, right? Wait, isn’t the rainbow the pact between man and God that God will never flood the earth? Anyway, I think I am going to look at it has a sign of hope for the future.

Well, all of my journal entries for the last 3 years are online and in one place. I still need to go through and delete duplicate entries and try to fix as many pictures and links that I can. It’s a good/bad thing that everything is in one location. Memories can heal and memories can hurt.

Took the guys out to breakfast this morning; later this evening, going out to Buca de Beppo with Amanda and Kathy (maybe Amber P. too) No serious partying or anything since Amanda’s foot is not well. Man I am going to be so full tonight.

Think I had a dream about a journal entry that I wanted to enter, however I can’t remember all of the details of the post. It is more of a night time/
rainy night post anyway.

O.K. Mark is slowly destroying the warehouse. Guess I should get up and say something to him…

Friday Five for October 31, 2003

1. What was your first Halloween costume? I’m not sure. I have a vague memory of either a Superman or Spiderman costume. You know the one that was
basically pajamas and the huge mask that you couldn’t see out of.

2. What was your best costume and why? Best costume easily was the tribal costume that I wore a few years ago. I wore it to the Mo Little Monsters rave at the Berkeley Ice Rink. Good times.
It also had a cool headdress that I didn't wear cause I was afraid that it would catch on fire...

3. Did you ever play a trick on someone who didn’t give you a treat? No, I never egged or TP’ed any houses at Halloween.

4. Do you have any Halloween traditions? (ie: Family pumpkin carving, special dinner before trick or treating, etc.) The only one was the trading of the candy with my brother after we were done, where I would try to scam him out of all the good candy that he had.

5. Share your favorite scary story…real or legend! Uhh…One time, I went up to my parents for vacation. And I found out that they had gotten rid of their cable modem connection and all they had to get on the internet was 28.8K!!!!! THE HORROR!!!! Even scarier, I had to use my Dad’s old computer to sign on; a Pentium 60 running AOL 3 or 4.0.!!!!!! I was a scary couple of days before I got back to civilization and to my DSL connection.

Barbara & Victoria’s Secret

I know that Barbara means well, however it is just too weird getting a Victoria’s Secret catalogue from her. It’s like getting it from my grandmother or something. Anyway, brought it to the warehouse for the guys to read. They won’t care where I got it from.


Anyway, I had a nice entry going on, however, LJ decided to eat it for breakfast. I hope it tasted good, LJ. 😛

Payday is today (thank god) and I already watching the money fly away (bad money). Have to start planning for the holidays.

Hmm. Yeah, maybe I should just quit while I’m behind. Sorry, maybe later I’ll have something interesting to say.


Two things…

One, I need to fix the password protection on this, since I can’t do anything without triggering it. Guess I just need to password protect the mt directory, or do I even need password protection at all.

Two, had weird ass dream about me working at a cafe/deli with Eddie, bastard crack head old roommate that I had when I was living at The Village at SFSU. It was a very vivid and weird dream.

Getting back in business

O.K. Have successfully imported all of my Livejournal Entries for the last 3 years into this journal. They need major cleaning up and I doubt that I will be able to fix all of them,
esp. the comments. However I did import them, and that is what counts.

Next is to mold and shape the journal into what I want it to look like. Then try to build a web site around it. The fun never stops.

Diablo II Patch 1.10!

You’ve waited and waited… and waited for Blizzard to bring Diablo II version 1.10 out of beta and into a final state and now your wait is over because 1.10 has been released on! Simply connect to with the game and download the patch to get started. This is a pretty substantial patch for Blizzard’s ultra popular action role-playing game – it offers seasonal ladder characters, more-challenging gameplay, enhanced skills, new items, new anti-cheat measures, a new game-world event, and much more. Look for a downloadable stand-alone 1.10 update at your favorite download site soon (ours is FilePlanet).
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Still cannot figure out what

Still cannot figure out what I am doing wrong with Moveable Type. I know that I am doing something stupid, like forgetting to change something in the config files or something. Poop. Maybe I would delete everything (yet again) and start all over.
Spent a couple of hours helping Barbara with her printer. I think the ink cartradge that she had was bad, Eventually, just printed the image that she needed on my printer.
It’s been so hot here in my room and in the house. I wish that I could open the door and keep it open. However, I don’t have headphones, so I have to keep it close to keep the noise down. Really need to remember to bring my fan back home from work.
There is a Suzanne post floating around. Actually it isn’t floating; it’s all ready to post. However I am holding back on it. Does the world really need one more post stating that I miss her, or analyzing our relationship, or proving that I love her.
Yes, I think that I will close the door and find something else to do…
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Back on LJ for awhile

Well, I fucked up my site, so I’ll be posting entries here for awhile until I get Moveable type working again…
Anyway, yesterday was the pleasure party/BBQ weekend. Had a great time, playing with the kids, drooling over Kurt’s knife sharpening skills, eating and drinking, and other fun things. Some pictures for your enjoyment
small penis

latino man and black woman, doggy style
adminre the penis cake
worship the penis cake
What happens when you drink too much and smoke some really nice cigars
He is, he tried to kiss me once.  He also made me rub his head
Alyssa sleeping
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.diving in head first

O.K., this is going to be the last entry for awhile. The plan is to back up my entries, then completely delete my journal and then reinstall MT 2.64 (although it would probably be easier to just upgrade.) Once I get it running, then I will try to import back all of my entries here and also import my LJ entries into the blog.

Wish me luck and God have mercy and all of that.

.are you alright

I hope that you are alright
I hope things are going well for you
I hope that you are happy
I miss you still
I love you still
Which is why I type this on my journal
Instead of telling you over the phone or in person