Still cannot figure out what

Still cannot figure out what I am doing wrong with Moveable Type. I know that I am doing something stupid, like forgetting to change something in the config files or something. Poop. Maybe I would delete everything (yet again) and start all over.
Spent a couple of hours helping Barbara with her printer. I think the ink cartradge that she had was bad, Eventually, just printed the image that she needed on my printer.
It’s been so hot here in my room and in the house. I wish that I could open the door and keep it open. However, I don’t have headphones, so I have to keep it close to keep the noise down. Really need to remember to bring my fan back home from work.
There is a Suzanne post floating around. Actually it isn’t floating; it’s all ready to post. However I am holding back on it. Does the world really need one more post stating that I miss her, or analyzing our relationship, or proving that I love her.
Yes, I think that I will close the door and find something else to do…
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