Daily Archives: September 15, 2003

.size does matter

[Listening to: Get It Together – Beastie Boys – Ill Communication (04:06)]
OMG, I had forgotten how big 19″ really is. God, it’s like the first time all over again….

Yes, I went down to Castro/Market to the UPS store to pick up my replacement monitor. Of course, this drama isn’t over yet. First of all, I had to pay $5 to pick up the monitor. Then, Samsung didn’t issue a call tag for the broken monitor, so I have to call them tomorrow.
Luckily, the guy at the UPS store let me keep the broken monitor there so I wouldn’t have to lug around two huge boxes in my small car.

So this is a newer model of the one that I sent back. It has some different controls. I still need to
mess around with it and get the positioning and colors set. And I will really need to get that wireless keyboard/mouse so I’m not so close to the monitor. Hopefully, this monitor will last…or maybe not, so I can bitch at them and try to get a 19″ flat screen out of them. Mmmmm. 19′ flatscreen…

.my monitor

wondering if I should get my monitor tonight or can I hold out until tomorrow.

I would bet against me ‘resisting the urge’, but who knows…


My replacement monitor has arrived. Now I just have to figure out how to load my broken monitor into my car. The box is huge and I’m not sure if it will fix in my car.

Tim is off to get up In-N-Out. Fuck the budget, I say, along with the diet and the willpower. Fuck resisting the urge today.

.blah. blah, blah

Mobile Horoscope:
Spend more time with those you love. Why wait? Embrace the present.

Not sure what to think about that.

Anyway, kind of a blah Monday. Waiting for responses from a slew of work emails that I sent out this morning.

Mail call…April, they shipped your CD’s to me instead of your PO Box. I’ll drop them off at your house this weekend.

Also got LOTR:Two Towers. Such a rip-off, only the widescreen edition , not the Special Edition. I specificly asked her (the operator) that question. **sigh** I guess I’ll keep it and give it to someone as a gift. Actually, looking at the back of the box, it looks like it is a 2 disc set. I wonder what the difference is. Hmm, maybe I will keep it. I guess the main thing is that I am now officially free from Satan’s helper a.k.a. Columbia House. Need to cancel with them. Hopefully, I will never get depressed and decide that joining up with them is a good thing (which just means that I will probably join up with them sometime next year and repeat the cycle over again).

Also got a notice from Travis CU, my old bank. Forgot about my life insurance plan that takes out money from that account. I wonder if I can get it switched to my WaMu account. Anyway, just a reminder that I need to close my Travis account. They were such a good bank until they switched from a federal CU to a regular CU. Then they just went to hell, esp. with customer service.

Anyway, any spending of money will have to wait until my bank account settles out. Did the balancing of the checkbook and have $200 left in my account, which I just now is wrong.