.size does matter

[Listening to: Get It Together – Beastie Boys – Ill Communication (04:06)]
OMG, I had forgotten how big 19″ really is. God, it’s like the first time all over again….

Yes, I went down to Castro/Market to the UPS store to pick up my replacement monitor. Of course, this drama isn’t over yet. First of all, I had to pay $5 to pick up the monitor. Then, Samsung didn’t issue a call tag for the broken monitor, so I have to call them tomorrow.
Luckily, the guy at the UPS store let me keep the broken monitor there so I wouldn’t have to lug around two huge boxes in my small car.

So this is a newer model of the one that I sent back. It has some different controls. I still need to
mess around with it and get the positioning and colors set. And I will really need to get that wireless keyboard/mouse so I’m not so close to the monitor. Hopefully, this monitor will last…or maybe not, so I can bitch at them and try to get a 19″ flat screen out of them. Mmmmm. 19′ flatscreen…

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