.old fuddy-duddy

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Spent half of the evening cooking dinner. Made some pasta with some lemon chicken sausage that I bought. Took me 5 pans to cook everything though. Sorry, haven’t cooked sausage in a long time. So I fried some of it and baked some of it, and then fried then baked the rest. Think that it would have been easier to just boil all of the links. Well, eventually, they did get cooked and everything turned out surprisingly well.

Spent the rest of the evening working on Moveable Type, or more specifily, cleaning up my archives. for some reason, all of the html brackets for my earliest post got turned into their ASCII codes. So I was going through each entry with w.blogger until I realize that it would be easier just to goto the archive folder and fix the entire page at one time. It was only for March and April for some reason. Well, most of the pictures and links are fixed. The naked pictures aren’t up though. I don’t remember taking them off of my site, but they aren’t on the site or on my hard drive. Hopefully, I have a backup copy somewhere. Just fixing the archives and looking around my site makes me realize that I need to clean both the website and my hard drive; try to get some organization to it.

Tried calling Mew, but she didn’t pick up. The weirdest thing was that my phone rang this morning and I so I check the voice message and it’s Mew. So I call her back wondering why she is waking my ass up at 8a.m. (it needed to be woken up anyways…). She tells me that she called me last night, not this morning. So for some
weird reason, I didn’t get the message until this morning. Weird.

**sigh** I also have to make a public apology to the customer service person that I talked to this morning from Samsung. I was pissed off that she was dumping me to another person and couldn’t help me so I made the snide comment “Let me guess, you are in India right now?” It was a rude comment that shouldn’t have been said out loud. I’m just frustrated with this whole monitor mess, which I
shouldn’t be. I have a working 19″ monitor, it’s just that it should not have been this big of a deal to get me a replacement monitor and to ship the broken one back.

Am worried about the hurricane that is headed for the East Coast. My Aunt Jackie live in Portsmouth, VA. at the mouth of the
Chesapeake Bay. That’s where the hurricane is suppose to hit. Just this last week, a typhoon hit southern S. Korea, including Busan and my old home town of Daegu.
Luckily, my emo (aunt – my mom’s sister) lives in Seoul and they weren’t hit as hard. However some of the pictures are scary, with huge tanker ships just thrown against each other and around in the harbor.

I had better get my sleep. I might be babysitting Brock for Amber and Rob while they goto the Giant’s game.
Luckily it is a school nigh, so I can send him to sleep early.

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