The Book Of Fabulous Questions: Questions of Habits

How often do you cook? How often do you eat out?

Currently, my eating habits are pretty much screwed up. I tend to cook more than going out to eat. However, the stuff that I do cook ant home is pretty basic/simple stuff. There is always some kind of bread item, regardless if it is rice, toast, or spaghetti. For meat, I usually cook chicken. I guess the way it works for me and food is that I usually fix small things like sandwiches, or soup, or something simple like that and then every other week or so, I will cook something big that will last me a couple of days. Every month or so, I will try cooking something more fancy or upscale….well not even that, just something that requires work to fix. For dessert, I usually have a bowl of cereal. I usually skip breakfast.

For lunch, however, the guys usually convince me to go with them to get food. I probably could solve this if I ate breakfast in the morning and if I made my lunch the night before. However, I almost always skip breakfast, and I never remember to make lunch before I goto sleep. I could probably save quite a bit if I would bring my own lunch. I try not to eat fast food, and I don’t eat as much McD’s or Burger King than I use too. Mainly, if they go somewhere I try to get the grilled chicken or a salad. Exception for In-N-Out though (If I have to explain, then you have not been to In-N-Out.)

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