.From the past, we discover answers for the future

Unfortunately, we are human. And the chances of us repeating the mistakes that we made in the past are higher than normal.

There are answers in the past, if one studies and analyzes the evidence. There are hints and clues that lead up to specific events.

“In hindsight….” Hmph, what I need is some fucking “Frontsight”

Still, with the clues and hints that I did find, they still are not enough to answer the questions that I have.

And that’s all I want right now, the answers to questions. Isn’t that what any of us want?

And yet no man, no book, no God has the answers to my questions.

**sigh** This is too much self pitying analyzing for 10am on a Saturday.

This kind of stuff is more suited for a Sunday night,

In those last hours of the weekend before you goto sleep

And go back to the daily work grind.

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