.Mr. Friday Night

Went out to San Mateo to once again watch Tim/Mark’s softball game. they kicked ass.

Returned home, had a bowl of cereal and blanked out for a couple of hours….wait. I did some reading, but I couldn’t get into it. Well, it is hard to get into it. The book is Harry Turtledove’s Into The Darkness;
basically it’s about an alternative world that has magic having their own World War. It’s fun looking at the parallels between this book and actual WWII. However, there are so many characters and places and alliances, that it is hard to keep up. Will probably end up reading it again once I’m do to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Also have Robert Jordan’s Crossroad Of Twilight. Not sure if I am going to read it or just start from the
beginning of the series. (This is book 10) All I want to know is when the fat bastard is going to be done with the series. According to Amazon, he is coming out with a prequel to the series. Fuck that, he has better get his fat ass to finishing the series before he starts writing about past stuff.

Popcap games has a new game. However it played very jerky for me. Not sure if I really like it.

Started to clean my room at 1am for some weird reason. If I was at the old place, I probably would have done it. But I don’t want to wake up Barbara, so I will wait until later this weekend.

Plans for tomorrow (or today I guess) is to try and find Cezner’s parents house in Cordilea, drop off April’s CD’s, stop by Barry/Gabi’s, and goto Seabowl for Brock’s (Amber W. son) bowling party.

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