.”How do the hell do you transfer…”

That was a quote today from Helen, the lovely customer service rep from Samsung that I got today. Called Samsung today for the 3rd time to try and get my monitor fixed. I am getting a replacement monitor, but instead of a new one, I am getting a refurbished one. 😛 Not happy with it, but it is stated in the warranty that they can do that. So they are shipping it to a UPS store and when it arrives, I just need to bring my broken one to them and switch them. All I have to say is that this monitor had better look has good as my old one, or I will be calling them back to bitch at someone. Still, I will be nice to reclaim my 19 inches (O.K., 18 inches; it is a CRT monitor.) This 17 inch one that I am using is pissing me off.

Also got the $14 empty hard drive box that I needed to send back my IBM “Deathstar” hard drive back. The repair center is in Union City, it would probably been cheaper to just drive it over myself. **sigh** Well, at least it has been mailed off and it shouldn’t take too long for them to send me a new hard drive. I probably won’t keep it, instead send it up to my parents and have Eric install it into the Gateway (AMD K6-450; 256MB RAM, 10GB) And then I also have the 20GB that I was suppose to give to Eric like a year ago. Wonder if I should keep that one or send it up too. I highly doubt that the AST could handle it (P60 – Yes original Pentium processor, 32 or 64 MB RAM, 2.1 HD). Sigh…my Dad still uses this machine sometimes. I tried one, but combined with no broadband, I just couldn’t handle it.

In other computer news, in Madden ’04, the Texans (me) upset the Raiders (Mark) 17-15; however, they
collapse and lost to Chicago (Tim) 45-14.
[Listening to: Sunblind – BT – R&R Disc 2 (09:59)]

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