.Fight Club

Finish reading Fight Club last night, the first book that I have finished in quite awhile now. OMG, I should def. have read the book first before seeing the movie. Or maybe not….I don’t know they each spoil each other. Of course they left out stuff in the movie that was in the book; however, I’m surprised (In a good way) that they left out the scene where Tyler is first introduced. I would think that Hollywood would have love to use Brad Pitt in that kind of scene. Yeah, I’m not telling, you are going to have to read the book. I guess the bottom line is that both the book and the movie are big mind fucks. And you guys with the DVD’s know about the hidden stuff that is in the movie, right?

This makes me want to watch Magnolia. That was another mind fuck movie, along with
Vanilla Sky
. Although with Vanilla Sky, I want to see the original Spanish version also.

I have a free weekend that I was suppose to go and see an old friend, but that isn’t happening until next weekend. I could goto the Ren Faire again, however that would put a dent in the pocket book. Also I need to get that stuff called…food? groceries? Yeah, it’s probably better to be able to eat for a couple of weeks than to get drunk and play Jenga at the Ren Faire. The thing with the Ren Faire is that if I go, I have to dress up. I don’t think that I could go just wearing street clothes. And rentals are $40-$70 depending on the costume. **sigh** I will just have to start buying pieces for a costume.

Anyway, I think this weekend will be a movie weekend. Top picks are Underworld and Once Upon A Time In Mexico looks like the movie that will be seen this weekend. Wondering if I should splurge and goto Metreon to see it or just settle for another location. Also with the weather warming up, I think that I will hit the beach; maybe drive down to Half Moon Bay, or even all the way down to Santa Cruz. The Boardwalk might be entertaining. The key is not to stay holed up at home.

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