Friday Five for April 4, 2003

1. How many houses/apartments have you lived in throughout your life?Let’s See:
1) My Aunt Jackie/Uncle Jimmy’s house; 1663 Darren Circle, Portsmouth VA
2) The house in Petersburg VA
3) Suseong Dong-a Apartments, Daegu Korea
4) Mirinae Mansion Apartments, Daegu Korea
5) Another apartment building in Daegu Korea
6) 2348 Driftwood Way, San Leandro CA
7) 624 Eagle River Court, Vacaville CA
8) Mary Ward Hall Apt 4H, 800 Font Blvd, San Francisco CA
9) 1631 Prince St, Berkeley CA
10)Residence Apartments, 755 Font Blvd Apt 1503, San Francisco CA
11)55 Chumasero Drive Apt 9H, San Francisco CA
12)The Village @ Centennial Square, 750 Font Blvd Apt 6B, San Francisco CA
13)152 Onondaga Ave, San Francisco CA
14)527 Font Blvd,San Francisco CA
2. Which was your favorite and why? Hmm, tough choice. I’m going to go with Mirinae Apartments in Korea. Mirinae Apartments were so cool has a kid 6 building with 12-15 floors, and two elevators on either end of the buildings. I remember on rainy days, we would just play tag in the buildings, running up and down the stairs, trying not to get caught in the elevator, and driving the security guard crazy. The best thing about these apartments was that you could travel between the buildings in the basement, by crawling under and on top of the water and gas pipes. There was this high school next to the apartments and one day during the summer, my group got all the mirrors we could and shined the sun into the classes, pissing off all of the teachers and students. Later that day we were going to the army base that was near by. We just happen to be passing the high school when school was let out. Next thing we knew, there was a small mob chasing us. They chased us all the way to the base and I’m sure we barely escaped with our lives. I’m sure the MP’s (military police) on duty didn’t know what to make of it.
3. Do you find moving house more exciting or stressful? Why? The move itself I don’t find too stressful. There is stress involved, and the packing and the unpacking. However, I find the act of looking for a new place more stressful than the actual move. My roommate and I are in the process of looking right now, and I know that I have been more stressed lately. I guess I fear that I won’t find anything and be forced to live out on the streets or something.
4. What’s more important, location or price? Right now, price more important than location, to a certain extent. I mean, I won’t move into Hunter’s Point, Visacation Valley, or the Tenderloin anytime soon. Also I want to stay in San Francisco so I could be close to work, but if the price was right, I would be willing to live out the city.
5. What features does your dream house have (pool, spa bath, big yard, etc.)?Right now, if it has a washer/dryer inside the apt/house, that would be the ultimate dream for me. Down the line, the dream house that I would like to own, I think the biggest thing would be technology. Like Bill Gates house, all computerized and all. Not having cable, it’s been awhile since I’ve see MTV Cribs, so I don’t know the latest in superstar housing motif. I would want the usual stuff; the pool (even though I can’t swim), the jacuzzi, the fitness room, the home theater, the game room, the grand dining room, etc.
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