Taurus Sign of The Bull

Sign of The Bull
Although the bull is often thought of as an impulsive animal to be feared or fought, is, in fact, a sensitive and sensual creature. Like the bull, you are strong willed and slow to change your habits. Like the bull, you are intensely protective of all you love and care for.
What makes an Taurean tick?
Taureans have natural class and bring a stylish grace to everything they do. For some people, patience is a virtue. For Taureans, it’s an obsession, which is why they make such fine artists, musicians or crafts people. They have an instinctive feel for the fruits of the Earth which makes them materialists in the nicest sense of the word. They love all things bright and beautiful and will often own collections of rare and wonderful objects. The aptness of the Taurean symbol is most evident when a Taurean is pushed beyond their natural limits. Then, the raging bull appears, determinedly devastating anything (or one) that crosses its path. Their ruling planet is Venus
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