The one where he wakes up early…

Don’t know why I am up so early. But at least I feel good. My cold is still kinda here, but I feel so much better. Have a plan on the stuff that I need to do when I get back. Got to goto Solano and take care of business. Need to decide if I’m going to go home tomorrow or should I stay through New Year’s. It would be cool to celebrate New Year’s someplace else and it would be cool to goto the LJ NYE party and put some faces to some of the names. But then again, lots of people read Suzanne’s journal, and I don’t know how they would treat me. And then if I leave later, I would have to deal with more traffic. And I don’t think that I will get anybody to pick me up at the airport. I wish that I could check my mail (snail mail); I wonder if I got any other xmas cards. Well at least everybody else got theirs. Hmmm, mom is awake and making noises. I wonder if I should go back to sleep….
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