The one where he talks about the good things that happened this year

The Good…
While some of the worst things to happen to me involved Suzanne, some of the best times also happened with Suzanne. New Years was one of the best times I have ever had. Valentine’s Day was just a mind blowing experience. But it just wasn’t just the special occasions. Just something has simple as shopping at the mall or watching a movie was an experience that I relished. For the first time since April, Suzanne gave me a reason to love someone else and to love myself. Regardless of the reasons that our relationship ended, I shall always remember the good times and the love that we that we shared.
Working at the warehouse was an overall good experience this year. Several raises and an overall good working atmosphere helped me to truly enjoy work. Any place where you can drink beer and play stickball at has to be a decent place. The paid day off and trip to Great America also helped alot.
The summer roadtrip to L.A. with Shawn, Marie, and Marie’s little brother Ken was also a great event this year. While there were some low points in the trip, the overall trip was a great success in which I got to see some great anime including Princess Mononoke, Gundam Wing’s Endless Waltz, and the main feature The Vision Of Escaflowne movie.
Speaking of Shawn and Marie, I have to thank them for alot this year. For being there for me this year in so many different ways. The biggest thing was once again providing me affordable housing for the summer in Berkeley. But just doing stuff like having movie night at the house with a good dinner and my famous alcohol milk shakes and just being there for me with all the drama that I went though this summer. For that I thank them and I will miss them has they have both moved to the Boston Area.
Other things good that happened to me include the release of Diablo II, the continued life of the 8yr old Metro, the party in Sacramento at Lesa’s, the introduction of Krispy Creme doughnuts and April’s birthday gift to me of Charmin double-ply toilet paper.
I also have to mention the entrance of Livejournal into my life. At the time, I was trying to figure out how I was going to do an journal on my web page. I had seen a couple of other on-line journals, but I did not like their style. Then I saw on April’s web page that she had something called Live Journal. Slowly, I got hooked in the journals of April and other people. And today, I continue to be hooked on Live Journal.
But I guess the best thing to happen to me this year is me getting home for Xmas this year. The past year has been a somewhat trying year for me, especially the last month. Now that I am with my family, I can feel my body, mind, and soul start to heal itself and I feel like I am slowly getting ready to tackle the challenges of the upcomming year.
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