The one after the memories…

**sigh** Well, I went through the letters and memories of April. I read letters that she had writtten to me and letters that I wrote to her that were never sent. There were also tapes that were for me and a tape that I never sent to her. And of course, there was THE LETTER.
In every relationship, there is a event that is landmark for the entire relationship. For April and I, one of the major landmarks in our relationship was the letter that was written in high school. It was a defining moment in our relationship.
Well, I read the letter and the memories surroundng the whole incident returned and I had a good cry over it. Has usual, the thoughts of getting back together with April came to my mind. Heh. It was a sweet thought, even if highly unlikely. But within the writing of the past, I did find gems of wisdom in them. Too late to help me now, of course. But they are there and I think I might take some of them back with me when I leave here.
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