The one where he takes a look at his check balance before going xmas shopping

It doesn’t look very good. I can’t belive the ammount of money I have spent. And I don’t have anything to show for it. Where the hell did it all goto. Hmmmm. And I was going to buy Serraph’s xmas gift today. Well, I should have enough, but I will have to send in my insurance payment late. and I will have to wait for my parents. And the next paycheck, I have to send in 2/3 of that to the creditors. Maybe if I sent in the payment late and buy my parents stuff in Washington the day before xmas, then I’ll be able to slide by. Then there’s school, work, the roommates, etc. etc. AND I”M SICK!!!! **sigh** stressing myself out like this isn’t going to help any. O.K. let me just forget about it and go and meet Serraph. Maybe there is a sale going on and her present will be even less.
Current mood: anxious
Current music: Traffic outside my window

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