The Book Of Questions – Question #4

If you could spend one year in perfect happiness but afterwards would remember nothing of the experience would you do it? If not, why not?I don’t think that I would do this. One point of happiness is the ability to be able to go back and remember the events around that happiness. I mean a beautiful spring day; your graduation day; the night that you got lucky with that one girl (you know the one), etc. What would be the point of those events if you weren’t able to go back in your mind and relive those memories? There would be none. The actual experience would mean nothing without the memories that you would have after. If anything you would be loosing a year of your life that you would never be able to get back. And I wouldn’t want to do that. I think I wasted enough time in my life already; let’s not talk about the black hole called Solano that I was sucked in for many years. In fact, I’m still wasting time. I can’t wait until I make a wrong turn and find that warehouse where some old crazy scientist has just finished his time machine. First stop would be fifth grade in Daegu, Korea to stop myself from having that pineapple soda before riding the teacup ride with Casey Clark. What a mistake that was…
Then again, there is the What Dreams May Come theory in which after you die and then rescue your wife from hell for killing herself with the help of Cuba Gooding Jr., instead of spending the rest of your life together in heaven, you both go back to Earth to relive life and to try to find each other all over again. I guess that does support my whole, living for the memories argument, since they gave up perfect happiness to create new memories.
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