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Wards is going out of business and they are having a massive sale. I just got a leather coat $160 for $80. I’m about ready to head back out and do some major shopping
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The one where he wakes up from the wierdest dream that he has had yet….

In where he watches his roommate jack off in bed and wonders if the roommate is trying to hit on him. He can’t tell cause there isn’t enough light in the room. So he watches this for 15 min and then he decides to go ahead and start strokin’ himself. That goes on for another 15 min. before he gives up and just watches the roommate stroke for another 15 min. Then he falls asleep. When he wakes up the next morning and asks the roommate if anything happened last night, the roommate replies that he was asleep, so he doesn’t know.
The lesson here is that pizza is a dangerous psycedelic that should not be digested after midnight. I’m sure the shots of tequila didn’t help either. Well, I’m going to finish my slice of pizza and my OJ/tequila and then hit the showers.
I’ll have to post resolutions later today.
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Hmmm….I got alot of stuff

Hmmm….I got alot of stuff to talk about and to settle before the new years. I might have to goto the store and get some soda. I’ll tackle it late tonight I guess.
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The one where he wakes up from a nap

Something really strange; if I put in Moby/Everything Is Wrong and lay down, I’m out by track 4 and I wake up right when the last track is playing. wierd.
Spent most of the day shopping. Started in Palo Alto at Fry’s. Almost bought some new speakers, but decided not too. Ended up buying Quicken and Turbo Tax (with the rebates, I’ll end up paying 14.95 for both) and I got Fallout/Fallout2 bundle. I really don’t need any more games, but the games are suppose to be good, and for 9.95, why not.
Next was Best Buy to see if they had the card adaptor for my digital camera. They had it, but i decided not to get it, cause I don’t think I really need it. The system I have now works well. What I need is a USB card or hub. They had a couple at both places, but I didn’t like them. I want a 4 slot USB card; they had one that goes in the front of your computer in a 3.5 bay, but I think that that would be ugly with all the plug sticking out in the front. Anyway, I ended up getting Norton Anti-Virus. It was just carded, not boxed and it was $19.95 for the full version, so I said why not. They wee also selling the Kitsip(sp?) Speakers that I wanted, but They only had the display models.
Next I went to Hillsdale mall to shop for some clothes. There were 50% sales all over the place, but I didn’t see anything that I wanted. Actually, it was more like I didn’t want to get anything new, just the same old Anchor Blue jeans that I always get. Got to work on that.
So I made my way to Tanforan Mall to goto J.C. Pennys to get Barry’s & Gabi’s wedding gift. Talk about tore up. Tanforan Mall is ghetto in the first place (Any mall that is anchored by a two story Target is ghetto), but it was extra ghetto looking today. I swear Penny’s looked like a Ross or a Big K or something. I was going to get them a glass set, but they had only one left and it looked liked someone tried to open it. So I ended up getting them the casserole set they wanted.
Stoped by Blockbuster for some videos. Got Eddie Murphy Raw and Swingers. I couldn’t get them on DVD cause Blockbuster is cheap like that. Talk about another place that was tore up. None of the movies were in the right place and I had to hunt all over for stuff.
After that, I was suppose to goto Safeway to get groceries, but I was too tired. So I headed home and stopped by the corner store for some milk and bread and headed home. Queztal is back and I am slowly talking to him. Nothing earth shattering or anything, but we had a friendly coversation. I figure that it’s New Years and I should offer up the branch or peace and recosiliation(sp?); Besides in 2 weeks, I won’t see him ever again.
Ordered dinner from North Beach Pizza; got a large pizza with chicken, mushrooms, and canadian bacon, a side of garlic bread, and a small salad. Of course all I had was one slice of pizza. Looks like I have food for the next couple of days. After that I had to lay down and take a nap. My mom used to tell me has a kid if you went to sleep right after eating, you would grow horns in your head. hee hee. Anyway, I think that I will take a shower and then work on the computer for awhile. Then later tonight i’ll watch Eddie.
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Taurus Horoscope (by Don’t

Horoscope (by
Don’t let anyone keep you under the thumb of responsibilities today. Family members may not provide the comfort you need right now. A good look at yourself and your efforts for others might help you realize just how important you are to the people around you, even if they don’t express it in words. If you feel stuck or trapped, find ways to see the brilliance of your inner light. You need to set your own value of yourself.
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The one on the day of the first wedding….

Just want to run away and drown my sorrows in a bottle of alcohol….
I wonder if she had to choose between Cisco and I which one would she choose?
The Controller or the Coward?
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Taurus Sign of The Bull

Sign of The Bull
Although the bull is often thought of as an impulsive animal to be feared or fought, is, in fact, a sensitive and sensual creature. Like the bull, you are strong willed and slow to change your habits. Like the bull, you are intensely protective of all you love and care for.
What makes an Taurean tick?
Taureans have natural class and bring a stylish grace to everything they do. For some people, patience is a virtue. For Taureans, it’s an obsession, which is why they make such fine artists, musicians or crafts people. They have an instinctive feel for the fruits of the Earth which makes them materialists in the nicest sense of the word. They love all things bright and beautiful and will often own collections of rare and wonderful objects. The aptness of the Taurean symbol is most evident when a Taurean is pushed beyond their natural limits. Then, the raging bull appears, determinedly devastating anything (or one) that crosses its path. Their ruling planet is Venus
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TAURUS When does a step

When does a step backward ever take you further forward? When it’s a smart move. If, for example, you happen to be walking past a bus which has stopped to pick up passengers. Step back, board the bus and you’ll get down the road much faster than you would if you were to carry on walking. All I’m trying to point out is that you are very determined to get somewhere. You may feel frustrated because your steps seem to be leading away from your envisaged destination. But you may yet find that you are on exactly the right track.
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The one where he finds out that the cats are going away….

Well, it looks like like the parental folks are getting rid of Yawno(Momma Cat) and the kittens. I just thought that the kittens were going to go and they were going to let Yawno stay to have her babies. They are keeping Blackie though; he is so low maintance.
Anyway, I finally went to sleep last night sometime after 5am. yikes! I’m surprised that I’m awake now and I wonder how long I’ll last today. Today I’m suppose to go shopping in Tacoma with Mom/Dad. We’ll also goto to the Korean restaurant for some ja-ja-mein…I think in english it’s call black sauce noodles. It’s good stuff.
O.K. I need to watch Price is Right and then take a shower. I love being home with my family. My Body, mind, and soul are slowly starting to heal…but there are some wounds that I wonder if they wil ever heal.
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ok…done cryin. let’s try this

ok…done cryin. let’s try this sleep thing again…
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