.The California Circus….I Mean Recall

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I have less than two weeks to decide on what my vote is going to be in the
upcoming election.

Either Chris Rock or Dave Chapelle has a joke about how we rather talk about anything else over our political views.

“So Peter, what do you think about this election?”

“Joe, Please. Now has I was saying, I was fucking my wife in the ass…”

Anyway, my brief views on the upcoming election

At this point, my decision is going to based on “the lesser of 169 evils” theory. I cannot go through all of the
candidates to see what their position is on things. I mean the media is just focusing on the
candidates that they know that can get ratings. But how do I know that Gary Coleman doesn’t have good ideas; for I know, he might have a sensible plan to get California out of it’s budget crisis (O.K. for the record, he is not campaigning and is voting for Arnold.)

None of the major 5 candidates impress me enough for me to elect them. Arnold is a joke; I have heard too many
inconsistencies and media bites from him, not enough substance from him at all. I think it really hurt him (in my eyes) when he only did the one debate and not any of the other ones. Arriana Hufington should be running for president with all of her attacks against Bush. Not that they are wrong or unjustified, however, this race is for
governor and I think that she should be more focused on that. I have to remember to check out some of her books the next time I goto the library though, cause I am interested in what she has to say in them. Tom McClintok is a Republican who I agree with some of the things he has said, but I tend to disagree more. Bustamonte has turned me off, mainly because of his TV ads. I mean he sounded good in the debates that I saw him in. Yet, there is something about him that makes me uneasy. The person that has impressed me the most out of this is Peter Camejo. He seems very articulate and passionate. I agree with most of his policy. However, I am not sure that he is “electable”. Yes, I know that is bad, but that’s what I feel right now. Going to goto his website later to read more about him.

So if I’m not going to vote for any of these people, then I’m going to vote no on the recall, right? Well originally, that was the plan. I mean this whole recall mess was a joke started by a
Republican to kick out an fairly elected Democrat governor. The Republicans had a
candidate to run for governor and that candidate loss. To issue a recall to get rid of someone like this is despicable. Just for the record, I am not Gray Davis’ biggest fan; he is def. the poster boy of a politician. However, he was elected by the people. The problem I have with Davis is with the recent bills that he has signed into law in an effort to get vote,
esp. the one that gives illegal immigrants the right to get driver licenses. He was against it and then he changes his mind and signs it into law? Can we saw “Buying the
Latino vote?” And then, lets sign a bill that give domestic partners the same rights as married couples. I’m not against the bill, but the timing is questionable.

So my problem is that while I don’t believe that the recall is right, I am against keeping the
governor in office. So what to do? I am tempted to vote for the Sumo Wrestler just because. I am horny and man enough to admit that if Larry Flint promised free subscriptions to Penthouse to the citizens of CA, I would probably vote for him. And although I don’t like Arnold for
governor, if he did a Terminator commercial I would vote for him in an instant. It wouldn’t even have to be full on Terminator. Just have that one commercial where he is in his office talking and at the end have his eyes glow red for a sec. That would so clinch my vote. For that matter, I wonder why Clint Eastwood didn’t run. One Dirty Harry reference and he would have had my vote. I mean at least he was a mayor at one time.

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