.Monday, Monday.

Woke up this morning and thought about calling in sick, even though I felt
O.K.. Decided not to, which was good since Tim had forgotten his keys. Anyway, work was hot due to the heat wave we are
having here. Still, it wasn’t too bad.

Saw the movie Rushmore. Def. a movie that I have to purchase or put on my wishlist (If it isn’t on there already). I’m not that big of a Bill Murray fan anymore; I thought that What About Bob was horrific. However, in this movie, there is an air about him. I can’t put my finger on it, but he is funny without being over the top, like a reserved funniness. I like it.

So coming home the fog was acting weird. Usually the fog is located along Skyline Blvd and once I get to the top of the hill and start driving down to Pacifica, it is clear. Today, the top of Skyline was clear and it was the city that was foggy. It was kinda
scary driving down into the fog.

**sniff** Hmmm, maybe I didn’t completely get rid of this cold. Well, if I am sick tomorrow, I just miss a manager’s meeting.

Damn, the Raiders are getting spanked.

Oh yeah, I got my 60GB hard drive back. Now the question is what to do with it. “Put it back into you computer and use it, duh!” Yeah, yeah. I’m just worried that it will just make the temp, problem with my computer worse. The computer isn’t in a really good ventilated space and the temps are kinda high, although not critical. Think that I will just hold off until I start building the new computer.

Got another ticket for the Renaissance Faire; planning on going the last week of Faire.

Am feeling kinda tired, mainly cause I didn’t take a nap today. I can either read, play Unreal Tournament, work on my site, or watch a DVD. Options abound….

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