.San Francisco Heat Wave

It is HOT in the city, which means that it is in the 80’s here. **sigh** I have SO
acclimated (sp?) to the weather here. It’s not even funny.

Found my keychain last night. Mr. Pinkie claims that he was in my car the whole time, but Mr. P is somewhat of an evil mastermind. It’s in the eyes. Although, last night I saw Roxy sneaking out of my room, and when I went it, I saw my tiger keychain on the bed.

I have the TV. on and am glad that the networks haven’t gone over board on 9/11 today. I was almost fearful that it would be the replaying of 9/11 coverage on all the stations. One of the most glaring memories that I have of that day is of Crackhead Eddie. This
happened in my last semester at SF State and I remember Matt (one of my other roommates) waking me and Eddie up to show us what was being shown on the
TV. I remember Eddie going back to sleep after a minute of watching. And then later that day, he still didn’t know what was going on. **sigh** what an idiot. Still, I’ve been reading some of the flame wars that have sprung up on the net today. Both have their points (and name-calling), however I think that I am going to just stay out of the fighting. Today should not be about finger pointing, but about
remembrance of those who lost their lives on this day.

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