.Random Stuff

O.K. First, introducing my new Tiger keychain….

[Listening to: Heartbroken – Aaliyah – One in a Million (04:19)]

**- I was too lazy to turn the lights on in my room, so took the picture in the dark. Still, isn’t it cute. Going to replace Mr. Pinkie with this in my car. If I was using Livejournal more, I would def. make an icon out of it.

**- Been sick most of the night thanks to Taco Bell. **sigh** When will I learn that the Taco Bell next to the beach is the only safe Taco Bell to eat at.

**- In Madden news, the Bengalis (me) were handed a humiliating defeat by the Bears (Peter) 61-28. Ouch.
Bengalis suck more than the Texans.

**- Hoping that this will be the last night of sleeplessness that I will have. I am so tired of not sleeping.

**- Have to remember to go pick up applications at Ross and other retail establishments this weekend. **sigh** Also have to remember to smile and think positive has I sell my soul to these places in hopes that they will hire me.

**- Did a Google search on my name and came across this site. Just amazed at the price of my “stock” I would have thought that I would be on the verge of being

**- Going to do some more sketches for a new layout this weekend. I have an idea of what I want to do. However, as always, it comes down to my ability to be able to design the stuff in my head. One thing that I need are feathers. The plumes in my Ren Faire hat are too…floppy. I though about going to the beach and getting seagull feathers, however I think that they might be too stiff. Need something

**- This was also an interesting article. Forbes list of the 15 richest fictional characters

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