My strategy of cleaning my room is by moving the mess from one place to another, just kinda herding the mess around my room until it is all cleaned up. The mess is currently huddled on my bed (there is also a herd of dirty clothes in the corner.)

Just went outside to get some more junk out of my car. The sounds of the ocean waves and the light of the moon outside almost caught me in its grasp. Seriously fighting the urge to take a late night stroll along the beach. Mainly I have the urge to do cartwheels on the beach, something that is out of the realm of reality (esp. since I can’t do cartwheels or flips; I know, I was deprived has a child).

Anyway, back to cleaning my room, most of the mess was from the box of memories that I have. This is not to be confused with the Box of April, which is the memory box of April that is in a safe location in Washington. Decided to leave it out and use the contents as fodder for this journal. No memory is truly harmless, however most of the memories in this box are easily sedated and
controllable. Well, we’ll see what happens.

I guess I should move on to the bed. Eventually the moon will set and my energy will be sapped. It would be nice to pass out on my bed instead of my floor.
[Listening to: Good Enough – Sarah McLachlan – Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (05:04)]

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