.I am Joe’s waking dream

So after watching Shakespeare in Love and turning off the computer, I got NO SLEEP. And I tried everything to get back to sleep; well everything except take Nyquil or warm milk (didn’t have either). The moon up in the sky didn’t help either. Just in time for the Renaisance Pleasure Faire.

I think that I went to sleep for an hour between 6am and 7am, but I’m not sure. I remember listening to Alice 97.3 and just being pissed off at the stupid DJ’s. **sigh** I remember when that station used to be good. It’s a shame really. Anyway, got up and headed to work and turned into a bitch after waiting 5 min in the Pacifica traffic. Came to work
hoping that the guys would bring me coffee and dounuts. Mark didn’t; in fact I ended up buying him breakfast, which helped my mood immensely. The guys haven’t been the best of kids today, with Tim and his f’ed up schedule, Peter just not showing up until noon, and Mark being pissy. At this point, I think that I am ready to just go home and crash, except that I am afraid that I will wake up later tonight. That would be bad since I need to leave Pacifica at around 8 am to get to Casa-de-wherever it is.


I want something, but I don’t have the slightest clue of what it is.

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