The Book Of Fabulous Questions:Questions Of Youth

What was your most memorable childhood experience? How has it impacted your outlook on life? The one that pops to mind is the one of the red pedal car that I had at my grandparents house in Portsmouth, VA. I used to love that car; I would get into it and just drive all around my grandparents house. I rode that thing even after I was too big for it. I think it has impacted my life due to the fact that the two cars that I have had have been small cars.

Were you a good or a bad kid? Would your parents agree with you? I was a bad kid that knew the way to get things was to be a good kid around adults. I was a bit spoiled, but not spoiled rotten. Like, I knew I could get what I wanted, but saved it for the really good/expensive stuff. My parents don’t know just how bad of a kid I could be, and would probably be surprised at some of my stories. Of course, parents seem to know more than they let on, so they might know all of the stuff that I did, but are just playing dumb.
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