I have survived work and

I have survived work and now I’m home with my aching back.
Darkness = In complete darkness, away from the piercing rays of light, one is freed from the illustions that comes with vision and on can feel safe and comforted under the cloak of darkness.
Steam = the healing powers of hot mist slithers around the body, relaxing the muscles and releasing the tension that is held within. The pores of the body open up and the dirt and grime that covers the body breaks up and disolves, leaving the body fresh and reawakened.
Darkness + Steam = Joe taking a hot shower/bath with the lights out and a towel suffed into the bottom of the door so that it is completely dark.
Another good point is that with the lights off, I won’t be able to see just how dirty the tub is. I’ll have to take pictures of my tub and the tub that Casey and Matt use. Talk about dirty.
If I’m lucky, maybe my room will be cleaned and the fish smell that is all over the house will be gone.
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