Daily Archives: July 20, 2001

You can leave a five min. message on my answering machine

I still haven’t finished my laundry. Poop. But at least I folded and put away the stuff that I did get done.
I really shouldn’t have sent the speakers up with the rest of the computer to my family. Just using headphones is O.K., but it’s just not going to be the same watching Escaflowne tomorrow with Suzanne. I have a headphone line splitter so we can either uses headphones and watch it here or goto Antioch and watch it on her IMac. Hmmm. It’ll be at least a month before I’ll have money saved up for the pair that I want. O.K. Actually, this is the system that I want, but they haven’t come out yet and I’m sure that they will be expensive. The other thing that I could do is buy this set now and then when I got some extra money, get another set so that I could do this
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