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I’m pretty sure that I’ve

I’m pretty sure that I’ve ranted about this before, but what good is a journal if you have to censor yourself? That’s the situation that I feel that I’m in at this point. And so the journal goes unwritten in, except for a few fluff post. I’ve thought about making all of my entries private, but I seem to never get it right and private post become public. Besides, to me that also seems to defeat the purpose of an online journal. What I think that will happen is that the nature of the journal will change. While I was at Borders last Sunday, I was perusing Journals For Dummies. The first thing I though was that “God, they will make a dummies book for anything. But the stuff that I did look at has been floating in my head all week and I think that the book might have some ideas that I could use. One idea that really has been churning is making this journal into a photo journal; taking and posting pictures and maybe making some small comments. Except that I am not a very good photographer. Maybe I should just take a sabbatical from Live Journal; concentrate on getting a web page designed and put up. Maybe go to the library and read more. I don’t know, I just can’t post my thoughts freely without thinking about the repercussions of those thoughts.
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Stuff that Serraph got for me from Europe

European Crispy Chocolate
More European Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
White European Chocolate
Sexy M&M's (Damn, that Green M&M is just HOT!!!)
Church Chocolate
Tiger Chocolate
Damn, Just How Much Chocolate Did I Get?
I got other stuff besides chocolate too…
Authentic French Champagne
Hmmm....A little too small to drink the Champagne with
Mind The Gap
Indian Tiger Shirt
O. K. The last shirt, she got for me before she left Europe, but I wanted to show it off anyway.
And while I’m at it, I might as well show off my new computer that I got a month ago. Went from a 450mhz/128 RAM/8GB HD to a 1.2mhz/256 DDR RAM/ 60GB HD.
My New Computer
And here is a picture of everything on the desk with the computer, the 19″ monitor, and the scanner. The computer is under the desk right now cause it is a bit noisy for my roommate. Once I figure on how to quiet it a bit, I’ll probably put it on top of the desk, cause a pretty computer like mine should be seen by all.
My Crowded Desk
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