Daily Archives: July 2, 2001

Consumer Whore

I want so many things. I kinda want to get a new car, but I’m holding out hoping that the good ole Metro will last a year or two. I want to get a new cell phone. The Good Guys had a promotion that you would get a Palm organizer with any cell phone purchase. Of course if is the low end, M100, but still. I also want a 52″ HD-Upgradable TV/Computer Monitor. Could you imagine using you computer on something like that? I want to get away to Monterey for the weekend with my girlfriend. The last couple of time, something has always come up. I want to go and be touristy with my girl, take her out to dinner, and then be able to sleep with her on a nice sized bed. I want a new waredrobe. I want to throw away or donate all of my clothes and just start all over again. New shirts, new pants, new jeans, new tees, new underwear; I want a one piece. I know it’s all about the guys that are ripped and not the underwear itself that makes the guys sexy. But maybe, just maybe, if I got them, then I would look a little sexy too. Fuck it I just want them. I want a gym subscription so that I could go with Matt and Justin and work out. Instead, I am stuck with Mr uneducated Billy Banks. I want a blowjob. nuff said. I want health insurance so that I can get on some antidepressants so that I wouldn’t be so moody. I want to buy the last two Escaflowne DVD’s so I can fucking see what happens at the end. AAARRRGGHHH!!!!!
**slams head on desk**
O.K. I am much better now.
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Deathly bored at work. Out

Deathly bored at work. Out of 1200 items, there were only 4 items that did not match up with the system. That is was kiss ass is about.
Still, we are frozen cause the store isn’t finish compiling it’s inv. info yet, so there is nothing really to do except to wait.
I really do need hours, but there is nothing to do here, so I will leave early. I need to stop by the bookstore to pick up some CD-R’s and to get some prices on Imacs for Suzanne. I also should do laundry tonight.
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