Daily Archives: July 23, 2001

Blame it on the Chinese Food

One of the many fucked up dreams that I had was based on Kiss of thr Dragon that I saw eariler that day. In my dream, my friend Stephanie played the Bridget Fonda/prostitute character. I guess I was the Jet Li character. I remember a Martial Arts scene with Jesse Holm, Bo from Baskin Robbins, and Ivan Velasco, who is her ex and the father of her child. The wierd part was that after I had beat them up and they had kicked the shit out of me, I found out that Stephanie owed $250,000. So I suggested that she become a prostitute and I would be her pimp, so that she wouldn’t be abused (by Ivan) or get hooked up on drugs (by Jesse).
Def. a wierd dream. The lesson learned is to not to goto sleep after eating bad Chinese Food.
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