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My first Complete DVD collection….

I now have all 8 DVD’s of Escaflowne. Yah!!!! Suzanne, get over here so that we can watch the last 2 DVD’s and see what happens. OMG, if it wasn’t for stupid Village Management, I could of had these DVD’s a month ago. Hopefully, I can still get the Escaflowne Tarot Card Set. WHOOHOO!!!!
Now the question becomes what Anime Series should I aim for next. I wish that they had Ranma 1/2 TV series, but all they have is the OAV box set, which isn’t bad; but I wish that they had the T. V. series starting from the beginning. I’m thinking either shooting for Cowboy Bebop or the Fushigi Yugi box set (The Suzaku, Seiryu, and the OVA Box Sets.
The problem is that Cowboy Bebop is only a box set for VHS, not DVD. Not sure if there is a DVD bos set comming out. With the Fushigi Yugi, the first two box sets are $170 apiece, kinda pricey. Then there is the wholeNeon Genesis Evangelion series. I’ve watch some of it and it’s pretty good, but wierd. I just haven’t clicked to it like some of the other animes. Then there is also Record of the Lodoss War. I have the first Box Set, which is like classic. It would be nice to get the second box set, but I’ve heard it isn’t as good s the first one.
**sigh** what I should be doing is saving up my money. School starts next month, Suzanne’s birthday is the 1st of Sept. My brothers birthday is the 2nd of August. I have to fly up to WA to see my parents. The Weddings, the Anniversaries, the Birthdays. I think that it will be awhile before I get anymore DVD’s.
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