Daily Archives: July 5, 2001

4th of july was cool,

4th of july was cool, although tiring. THe best part of it I think was having breakfast with Suzanne at the Lyons in Daly City @ 5-6am. Watching the fireworks on the BART ride home was pretty cool too.
Go off of work early again today. This is not good. I don’t mind leaving work early every now and again. But this is going to start to cut in my paycheck; it is cutting in my paycheck. It is going to be noticable. Anyway, maybe I’ll use some of my sick hours or vacation hours to cover the time missing.
Not in a good mood right now. I don’t think the St. John’s Wort is helping me much. All it’s doing is making me sick and even more moodier it seems. **sigh** It’s suppose to take 6-8 weeks before any effects take place, so I guess I should stick too it. But all I feel like doing is curlling up in bed and crying.
I think that is what I will do, just turn off everything and lay down and nap for awhile. Then later I will call Suzanne before she goes to sleep. Maybe I’ll do some Tae-bo when I wake up too.
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