I’m pretty sure that I’ve

I’m pretty sure that I’ve ranted about this before, but what good is a journal if you have to censor yourself? That’s the situation that I feel that I’m in at this point. And so the journal goes unwritten in, except for a few fluff post. I’ve thought about making all of my entries private, but I seem to never get it right and private post become public. Besides, to me that also seems to defeat the purpose of an online journal. What I think that will happen is that the nature of the journal will change. While I was at Borders last Sunday, I was perusing Journals For Dummies. The first thing I though was that “God, they will make a dummies book for anything. But the stuff that I did look at has been floating in my head all week and I think that the book might have some ideas that I could use. One idea that really has been churning is making this journal into a photo journal; taking and posting pictures and maybe making some small comments. Except that I am not a very good photographer. Maybe I should just take a sabbatical from Live Journal; concentrate on getting a web page designed and put up. Maybe go to the library and read more. I don’t know, I just can’t post my thoughts freely without thinking about the repercussions of those thoughts.
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