Slumming into the week

Not one of my better mondays. Got the resume and application done for my job. For some reason, my lower back is killing me. I have had a heat pad on it all day long, but I still just want to go home and soak in the tub. Luckly, it has been a slow day here at the warehouse, so I might leave early.
Well, this weekend was a semi disaster, with me getting shit-faced drunk at Barry and Gabi’s. I don’t even remember most of what happened that night, which means I was FUCKED UP. What else happened; played Dance Dance Revolution at Jason’s. Pretty fun, except that I think that I like Sambo de Amigo for the Dreamcast better. What else, suzanne spent quite a bit of time putting me down in front of my friends (always a good move to win points with the signifigant other’s friends) and I cooked dinner for us and made a cake with chocolate cherry liquoer.
**sigh** Contacted Microsoft and they are going to fix my mouse. Cool. Still don’t have money for speakers. Poop.
Damn, this is a rambling post. I wish it was at least a smooth ramble, but it is so jagged and uncut.
I should get to work on this Staedtler order so I can get out of here? I guess I will leave mark up in the new break room. I hope he isn’t like jacking off or something.
What is the definition of a soulmate? There are only two people I think of that would fit the def. that I have. Obviously they weren’t my soulmate since I am not with them anymore. What happens if you are with someone and your soulmate comes knockin on the door? Tell your soulmate that he/she is too late and maybe next time. Or do you leave the person that you are with and take off with your soulmate. Why can’t you just keep both and have a threesome? Questions, questions…
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