I stand in my room

I stand in my room naked, feeling my body cool off and steam coming off of my body.
Yeah, I drying up big time. Better start with the lotion before I start getting ashy and lookin like Michael Jackson.
All in all, not a bad experience. The back is feeling better, and I got some good ideas going in my head. Thought about a little self pleasuring, but decided against it. Why ruin a good moment with sticky cum all over you. Besides, I masturbate way too much for my own good.
Body analysis mostly good. My thighs def. look bigger in thee water. If a heat wave hits the city, then I def. going to a nude beach to even out this farmer’s tan that I got going on. The feet could probably use a peticure, but no rush on that. The man-boobs are annoying, as usual. But after seeing Jason yesterday, I’m feeling much better about them. I still need to get rid of them, but for the time being, they can stay.
O.K. let me finish drying before I shock myself and ruin my computer even more.
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