so I did the coward

so I did the coward thing and ran away. It’s interesting to note all of the other livejournalist who have run away from their problems instead of facing them. It’s nice to know that among a bunch of hypocrites, that I am not alone.
This is not comming out has I expected. In my head, I had a outline of the stuff that I wanted to say, to try to get my side of the story out. To try to get someone to understand me and why I did what I did.
But what does it matter? I’ve done what I’ve done and there is no taking it back. I willing gave up the greatest thing to happen to me in my life so far. I had someone that loved me unconditionally and I gave it up for the chance that alone I can somehow find love for myself and the strength to conquer the demons that I have.
I think that in the end the demons will finally devour what is left of me and my soul. And then all of you can have have your revenge for the pain and suffering that I have caused to Suzanne.
Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
May your soul
Find the salvation
that you sorely seek.
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