The one where he stays home alone sick…

And he takes the SparksMatch test:
“The Conquistador ”
Independent Evil
Love Taker
tygreyes SYNOPSIS
Adventurous, greedy, and cocky. If women were continents, you’d be the Spaniard that crosses them. And if more women were Spaniards, you’d be living over there, believe me.
You want affection, not attachment, and it seems that the more you absorb someone’s love, the more you want to break away. You jump from place to place, and from person to person. Many who love you will be hurt, or are currently hurting, because of your reckless attitude. You take their resources, suck them for everything they’ve got, make them care for you, and then you move on. If Spain were a woman, you’d be drilling in the mountains.
On the other hand, there are some good things about you: you’re mostly self-sufficient. You’re confident. You’re a quick thinker. Other guys like and respect you. You treat people well most of the time. And your intentions always start out good, it’s just that somewhere down the road, your selfish inner self takes over.
Take heed of us and not him: your romantic faults could be fixed by the right person. Find her. If you fail, beware your future: your father was probably a Conquistador, too. And an alcoholic. Does he beat you still?
Current mood: okay
Current music: TRL on MTV

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