Out of the closet….

Today is Great America Day. WhooHoo!!! So i’ve put this Journal up now and made it public. It’s probably not a good idea just yet, but has long has I don’t read her’s and she doesn’t read this then we should be O.K. How long is that going to last? But I am tired of hiding since only two of you have been reading this. I would like more people to read my journal. But it is kinda boring, I need to spice it up a bit, or at least do more stuff and put it down. Well, today is Great America and this weekend I’m going camping for the first time so, there should be some tales to tell anyway.
I also have to figure out the name thing. I’ve just been using initals, but I think I will change them to names. Like you can’t figure out who you are.
I have been doing some thinking and this is what I have cone up with:
1: I was wrong to break up with Suzanne. Suzanne was the greatest thing to happen to me since April(you may argue amonst yourselves about that, but I know).
2: I am a fucked up person who really needs some medical attention, or at least something more powerful than St. John’s Wort.
3: I was right in breaking up with Suzanne because I do need to fix myself up and she should not have to deal with this.
4: I was wrong in the way that I broke up with Suzanne. My inactivity and indeciciveness has just caused more pain and suffering for the both of us.
Those are just some of the truths that I have discovered. You might be thinking, “well, doh”, but hey, it took me sometime to get to this point. I still have other stuff to figure out, but I am going to put those on the backburner and go have fun at Great America with my coworkers.
Taco Bell
1 Gordita – chicken
1 Gordita – beef
1 taco
1 chocolate cookie dough pie slice
1 reg strawberry/pepsi
1 reg 7up
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