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Act 2 – Waterfalls and Casinos

Ah….I love my computer sometimes. I can watch a DVD and type this out at the same time. Right now, I’m watching the Thomas Crown Affair; the updated version with Pierce Broson and Rene Russo. I want to get the original one day though. Why am I watching it; because Suzanne liked it. I’m in the remaninsing mood, actually I’m in the crying mood but I don’t want to watch Life Is Beautiful. I don’t want to be sobbing in front of everybody, esp. Quetzal. I was thinking about watching The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, but I just finish watching Return of the Jedi with Mike. And the whole Han Solo/Princess Leia romance got to me. So what better way to tourture myself than to watch another romance.
So am I a rogue like Solo? Am I the bored businessman like Thomas Crown? That’s a good question, what movie character am I most like?
Anyway, I should continue with the camping story. Just to fill in some things that I might have left out, I cooked my first smore on this trip. That was cool. And I did hear a bear run pass my tent. O.K. something heavy with a gait went by. I’m figuring that it was a bear. Ok. onto day two
So Sunday morning was not a pretty morning. I was actually up hours before anybody else. Shawn snores like a chain saw, sorry to say. So I got little sleep that night. So I was in a miserable mood. It didn’t help that I was cold too. Anyway, so eventually everybody wakes up and we get the site packed up. We then drive a distance to goto this lookout point and to hike a bit. The lookout point had a beautiful view of the lake. There was this island in the middle that I would love to own. It’s just in the middle of this gorgeous place.
So after the view, we start up the mountain to this waterfall. It’s been a long time since I have gone on a hike, and it didn’t help that I had a slight cold. But I did O.K. considering. Anyway, the waterfalls were pretty cool. They weren’t niagra falls or anything, but they were cool. It was a nice little place to picnic at and stuff. Actually I thought about making love there. It would be a great place with the sun shining the bluejays chirping, the chimpmunks squrring around. Anyway we spent about an 1/2 to an hour here before hiking back to the car. All this time, I didn’t ask for water. I wasn’t thirsty. But, Everybody thought that I was pissed off. I wasn’t going to get pissed off until later.
So after the hike, we trek off to goto the casinos, cause Marie really wants to gamble. We stop at Caesar’s and they head off while I check to see if I have any money to gamble with. I find out that I am broke, so no gambling for me. Anyway, they take like 15-20 min to change clothes at the hotel, then we leave. I guess Caesars wasn’t good enough for them. Anyway, we head over to Harrahs. Anyway, I wander off for awhile and come back to watch them gamble. Shawn and Marie hit the cheap slots, while Raj is at the Blackjack table. So after they are done, we goto Chevy’s to eat. I have no money and I’m not that hungry, so Shawn, mr know it all, makes this comment that I’m having a mood. I wasn’t having one until he said that though. Shawn’s high and mighty additude pisses me off. He is so condecinding on people sometimes, including Marie, which sometimes I can’t understand how she deals with it. Must be love I guess. O.K. I’m still a little miffed. I was being antisocial, I guess. But I really wasn’t thirsty on the hike. And I really wasn’t that hungry, even if I did have money. I do have an additue problem sometimes, and it does get in the way. Maybe I should have had some water. Maybe I should have taken some of their money to gamble with. Maybe I should have had them buy dinner for me. Regardless of what I actually felt at the time. So the question is: Do you stick to what you believe in, or give in on your beliefs for the sake of your friends. I let you argue amongst yourselves about it.
Well, I drove home for Marie. 3hr on the road. 1hr stuck in traffic from Sacramento to Berkeley. AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!
Anyway, overall I did have a good time on the trip. Which is to say that I will never go camping, or if I do, it will be a long time before I do it again.
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Stuck in paperwork hell. **sigh**

Stuck in paperwork hell. **sigh**
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I am such a hypocrite….damn,

I am such a hypocrite….damn, I really need to fix that
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Sometimes I think that my

Sometimes I think that my life is one big soap opera, but then I always find someone else who’s life would pull in more ratings then me. Check out Mr2025, Shell094 and kika778 Livejournals for some serious old school drama. I’m talkin about Dallas of Knots Landing old school night time drama
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1 cup Fruit Juice; 1

1 cup Fruit Juice; 1 bowl French Vanilla Oatmeal (2 packets); handful jelly belly flops
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Last Night: 1 bowl cereal

Last Night: 1 bowl cereal – Honey Nut Cherrieos w/ whole milk
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Act 1 – The Camping Trip

OK So we were supposed to go on Friday, but Shawn couldn’t get the day off, so we decided to go on Sat. So I spent the night at Shawn’s house. That was cool, we went to pick up Raj and we finally got to see the co-op that he is living it. It was an interesting place; it’s kinda like a college hotel, all a mess and stuff, but not like a crack house kind of mess, just cluttered. But it’s not too bad. The kitchen is huge, since you have to cook for everybody. So we pick up Raj and we try to go to Chevy’s, since Raj has never been, but we get there at 10, they have an 1hr wait, and they close at 11. So we go to Lyons instead.
At Lyons, I get Shawn to order me a Dreamscicle, witch is an orange creme drink with vodka in it. Unlike places like Applebee’s that water their alcohol drinks, Lyons has no problem with putting alcohol in theirs. The thing is, there were only two servers working, and our server had a large table. But I mean, we got no water, and she was taking forever with stuff. So if we needed things, like a refill or something, I would ask either the other server or at one point, I got the manager. Shawn and Marie hate this, cause they think I’m being rude or something. But it’s not like I snapped at the servers or something (Which I have done before). I waited and caught the server’s attention, and asked politely. The thing with Marie and Shawn is that they hate being confrontational and they hate making decisions (Which is part of the main story for this weekend). Anyway, we eventually got all of our food, and the Dreamscicle really hit me, cause I was feeling the alcohol, big time. We get back to Shawn’s and I just pass out; not cause of the alcohol, I had a busy day at work.
So on Sat, the plan was to leave early so that we could get to the campsite at check in time at 2pm. We ended up leaving at 11am. I missed Escaflowne damn; I know that it is a dubbed and edited version, but I wanted to see it anyway. Marie was able to get the mini van for us to use, so we all comfortable in the ride. We made a stop at the Jelly Belly factory to pick up some sweets and to take Raj. We didn’t go on the tour, partly cause we were hungry and also since the machines aren’t on the weekend. I went one time with Suzanne and found that out. It’s still a fun tour, to see how the jelly beans are made an all, but it would be more fun to see the machines working and the people working. Anyway, I picked up some belly flops for Amber, my boss.
so we stopped at IHOP (Int’l House Of Pancakes for those who don’t know). I had Pigs in Blankets. One of the line chefs was somebody that I went to high school with. It was odd, but I don’t know in what way. The other thing was that this was the first time that I didn’t have French Toast for breakfast at a restaurant. I think that I am going to make little changes in my life like this. Anyway, breakfast was fun, and after that we headed up to Tahoe.
I fell asleep for most of the ride up, but I woke up when we drove through Placerville. I had a bad experience in Placerville with God about a year ago. It was big enough to have a lasting affect on me. Anyway, I was getting creepy vibes has we drove through there.
So we make it to Tahoe and it is just beautiful. The lake is so blue (is that natural O because they put chemicals in it to make it blue?) So we reach the camp site and no one knows what to do and where to check in. So I open the door and ask somebody.
A little side trip here….Ok. One theme this weekend was the whole indecision thing that everybody has. No one can make a fucking decision about anything. It drives me crazy sometimes. OK Raj is a little scatterbrained sometimes, but this was his first time camping at this site. And I guess it might have been everybody’s. But Shawn and Marie were the one’s that have been camping before. I should not have to be making decisions about camping since I have never been camping before in my entire life. And the thing is that Marie will not make a decision, and Shawn has this problem about having an air of being in charge and knowing everything, but then he won’t take charge of the situation. That drove me crazy. That and the fact that he is an English major, so he knows the exact words and inflections to piss people off.
That being said, let me just say that I not always the best of company either (It’s True, It’s True), but I’ll get to that later. Also let me say that Marie, Shawn, and Raj are some of the sweetest and most caring people that I have known and they are some of the best friends that I have had, listening and putting up with all my crazy antics and escapades.
Anyway, to go back to the camping trip, our campsite was at Camp Richardson. I was expecting that we would have to hike a bit, and we would have a little privacy. I didn’t expect us to be the only ones camping, but I was not expecting the MASS of people and families that was at this site. It was sick in a way. So we pitched our tents; I was suppose to sleep with Raj in his tent, but it was WAY too small for the both of us, so I slept with Shawn and Marie instead. So we got stuff set up and we decided to go to the Lake and play around for awhile.
The lake was beautiful, but not that much beach area. And the boats, it was like a traffic jam out on the water with all the boats and jet skis and kayaks. The water was cold, but not cold like the beach in Pacifica. It was def. waddleable, which I had to do to get the birdie that we were using. We played badminton on the shore for awhile, then we trekked back to the camp to start dinner.
Dinner was a fun experience has well. We brought along Shawn hibachi and Marie brought a propane stove. I got put in charge of the hot dogs. WHOOHOO!!! Joe’s Hibachi Hot dogs. They turned out pretty well. We also had some Turkey Stew and some corn. With the coals still warm, I heated up some Blue Diamond Almonds. They tasted pretty good. It brought back memories of Korea when in the winter, they had roasted chestnuts that you could but from vendors.
So after dinner we went to the Ice Cream store that the had. Baskin Robbins needs to come here and get some lessons on how to scoop ice cream. Look at this single sundae. After finishing of that monster, we headed back to camp to do smores. Well, my smores weren’t too bad. The chocolate didn’t melt has much as I wanted it to, but they were good never less. I realized that i still have a bit of pyroism in me, has I tried to burn whatever I could get my hands on into the fire. heh heh heh. So we sat around talking for an hour enjoying the warmth of the fire before we went to sleep.
The one thing that no on told me about was how cold it gets at night. Oh My GOD. It was so could. It had to be in the low 30’s or 20’s. It is a good thing that I brought my mink blanket, otherwise I would have froze my ass off. I did hear a bear running past our campsite. That was scary. I also forgot that Shawn snores like a grizzly bear, so it took me awhile to get to sleep.
Ok, I need to go. I have so much to write on. Argh! OK Maybe at lunch time, I’ll continue.
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